Volunteer for Kid City!

Kid City is an organization that provides academic services to high school kids, mainly low-income first generation, that are going to college. We are very organized and committed to their mission of sending kids to college. Fox Network has remodeled our space in case you are walking on Hope around that time (they are on the same side as the child care center near 11th on Hope).
We are looking for volunteers for the summer if you have an hour or two a week.
We are very excited to reopen our doors for the Kid City summer program! We hope to have a summer filled with fun, academic enrichment activities, college preparatory workshops and leadership development.
Summer at Kid City is a very vibrant time filled with great energy and it is a great opportunity to work close with our youth and help them achieve their personal and academic goals.
 If you are interested in being part of the Kid City summer, we are currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:
– Math SAT prep 

– Verbal SAT prep
– Math Review
– Creative writing
– Art classes
– Study Skills workshops
– Band practice assistants
– Job Training workshops
– Splash of LA – facilitating youth leadership groups on sponsorship, fundraising, publicity, food committee etc.
–  We are also open to mew ideas? We are open to other workshops volunteers can offer.
Our summer program is set to start on July 5th  through August 2nd, and finish with Splash of LA on August 6th.
The schedule is pretty flexible and can be adapted to whenever you are available. You can do a one time workshop or come once or twice a week.
Please let us know if you are interested collaborating with Kid City this summer.

Kid City Hope Place

1021 S. Hope Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015

Tel: 626.297.7619

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